Ware xml validating parser

13-Sep-2017 13:08

This software was written in PHP and stored all its information in a My SQL database.

It launched on the English Wikipedia in January 2002, and was gradually deployed on all the Wikipedia language sites of that time.

minor releases, or point releases, are issued as needed to correct bugs (especially security problems).

Media Wiki also has a public bug tracker, phabricator.wikimedia.org, which runs Phabricator.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.The double square brackets symbolize the syntax Media Wiki uses for creating hyperlinks to other wiki pages, and the sunflower represents the diversity of content on Wikipedia, the constant growth and also the wildness.Media Wiki's most famous use has been in Wikipedia and, to a lesser degree, the Wikimedia Foundation's other projects. Other public wikis that run on Media Wiki include wiki How and Wiki Leaks.The name has frequently caused confusion due to its (intentional) similarity to the "Wikimedia" name (which itself is similar to "Wikipedia").

The product logo was created by Erik Möller using a flower photograph taken by Florence Nibart-Devouard, and was originally submitted to an international logo contest for a new Wikipedia logo held in mid-2003.

This new software was also written in PHP with a My SQL backend, and kept the basic interface of the phase II software, but was meant to be more scalable. The Wikimedia Foundation was announced on June 20, 2003, and in July, Wikipedia contributor Daniel Mayer suggested the name "Media Wiki" for the software, as a play on "Wikimedia".